DS Screen Prints


  • 1-12 ink colours
  • Spot colour, 4 colour process & Simulated process
  • Soft feel discharge inks,plastisol ink, and water based ink
  • Over sized prints
  • All over t-shirt printing
  • Automated presses for time after time quality printing

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Simulated process print
For this item we used a water based discharge base and plastisol inks to give a vibrant colour with a very soft feel to the print. Process print can be onto any colour tee and enables reproduction of hundreds of colour shades using only a few colours. Plastiol inks wash very well and keep their vibrant colours longer
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For vibrant shinny colours, Plastisol ink is the choice for light to dark coloured garments.It will wash well but has slightly thicker of a feel than water based inks. Our plastisol inks are printed twice to give the softest feel and maximum bright colour look.
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Printing effects
Distressed, faded inks to give your garment a more vintage look.There are many additives that can be combined with Plastisol inks to include: gloss, cork base, high density build, natural suede and glitter.
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Special effects 3d ink (puff ink)
By using this additive to plastisol or water based inks you can produce a 3d effect that stands off the shirts
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Foil Application / Foil Application with discharge inks
Foil is applied to a screen printed image.This can be a stand alone image like our thumbnail or it can be combined with a printed design.Colours available are red, green, yellow,silver ,gold,black,pink,purple,rainbow etc
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Glow in the dark ink
A white ink applied to your design which will glow green in the dark.
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Glitter ink
Large particles of glitter are screen printed onto a base colour to produce this glitter effect. Colours range from red, sliver, gold and blue with more colours available.
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Sublimation print process
Images are applied to a polycotton white t-shirt. The advantages of this method are that you can produce photograph quality images using hundreds or thousands ink colours .The thumbnail image shows the allover t-shirt version but any size print can be produced. Images A3 or smaller can be produced in very small quantities.
Large format prints have a higher print run of 300 pcs.
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Water Based Ink
The original printing ink.Works best onto white or pastel shaded garments.Produces the best soft feel ink but colours are matt. Colours can fade during washing.

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