Screen Print

Screen Print

Silk screen printing is one of the oldest but still the best methods of printing on to fabrics, we have two of the very latest 10 colour automatic screen printing presses which we run alongside the more traditional manual printing presses enabling us to produce intricate vivid prints on a wide range of garments from t shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies to jackets, joggers and tri-suits . 

How the screen printing process works

Step 1.

Your artwork is separated into individual colours, each colour is printed onto a clear acetate to produce a stencil

Step 2.

The stencil is laid onto a metal framed mesh screen which has been coated with a light-reactive emulsion, the screen is then exposed to a bright UV light which hardens the emulsion around the stencil, the stencil is removed and the area of soft emulsion beneath is gently washed away leaving a perfect imprint of your artwork on the screen

Step 3.

The screens are expertly set into the rotary printing press so as the individual colours are printed on top of each other they will align perfectly to recreate your artwork. The specialist inks are mixed to match your artwork and spread on to the screen

Step 4

The garments are glued onto a rotary set of boards which sit underneath the screens, as the board rotates each screen is lowered onto the garment and a rubber squeegee is pulled across the screen pushing the ink through tiny holes in the mesh to recreate your artwork. As the garment travels under each screen the next colour is laid on top

Step 5.

Once all of the colours have been printed the garment is carefully removed from the board and sent through a tunnel dryer which cures (dries) the ink.

Step 6.

Each garment is checked, folded and packed ready for delivery to you

Screen printing is ideal for reproducing the same high quality print multiple times making it perfect for large quantities of branded clothing, workwear and sportswear.

The skill is in the set up - We have been perfecting the art of screen printing for 20 years, you can rest assured that we will use all of our experience and knowledge from the initial artwork stage right through the screen production, ink mixing and machine set up to produce the best quality custom print for your clothing.